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***Safety First*** On April 2, 2019 two Wilmington Refuse Collectors were severely injured while collecting residential garbage.  One of the bags placed in the vehicle compactor exploded while being compacted.  The bag exploded as a result of a “D” size medical oxygen cylinder rupturing from the force of the compactor. Refuse workers are the 5th […]

Small cylinders, often referred to as Lecture Bottles, have been used in schools, universities and laboratories since the 1930’s, supplying users with small scale gas requirements for experiments. General Guidelines Bottles shall be labeled according to DOT / OSHA Guidelines Bottles shall be stored upright, in protective containers Bottles shall be stored in a cool […]

Heard of liquid nitrogen dosing? If not, you will be. Liquid nitrogen dosing has been around for quite some time, but many industries are just now realizing the benefits of using this process as a cost effective way to preserve and increase shelf life of drinks such as soda, beer and wine, canned vegetables and soups, […]

We’re moving right along with the construction of our new fill plant. Here’s a quick video of the new propane tank being set at our new propane dock!

The new Multimatic 220 AC/DC is here to help you do any project with AC/DC TIG, MIG, flux cored and stick. Switching from one process to another is easy with the QuickTech™ feature: a MIG gun and TIG torch can stay connected to the machine — just pull the gun’s trigger or press the foot control […]

15 gauge HPPE/glass fiber shell with a durable nitrile micro-foam coating offers hard-wearing hand protection without sacrificing dexterity ANSI 4 abrasion resistance EN 388 4131 Features Nitrile micro-foam palm is softer than standard nitrile delivering a superior grip on wet, dry or oily surfaces Outstanding sensitivity, dexterity and fit for a comfortable wearing experience throughout […]

Flame-Resistant Cotton Knit Long-Sleeve T-Shirt COMFORT & PROTECTION Designed for workers who may be exposed to potential flash fire and arc flash hazards typically associated with Oil & Gas, Utility, Construction and Industrial applications. Layer under protective outerwear to increase protection. Tested for both NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E compliance. Maintains protection through 100 home […]

NS Plus® 115 is a premium copper-coated mild steel solid filler metal containing a high combined total of manganese and silicon. The wire produces a smooth, uniform welding arc, which minimizes weld spatter and results in excellent bead appearance and high operator appeal. The excellent operating characteristics of NS Plus 115 appeal to users seeking better […]

Keen Compressed Gas Co. has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplace by The News Journal! The 2018 Top Workplace program began in April of this year as Keen reached out to all associates via a third party research company, Energage, LLC, to see if Keen could be a considered as a top workplace. The survey […]

The Miller Fusion 160 Electric Start delivers a smooth, stable arc from either engine power or 120/240-volt utility power, providing a unique combination of versatility and productivity in a lightweight package. Easier to transport: The Fusion 160 welder/generator weighs 222 pounds. That’s up to 70 pounds less than similar machines, so moving the Fusion 160 […]

Cut closer and grind less with FlushCut™ Consumables for Powermax® Plasma Systems from Hypertherm Close cutting applications such as lug and attachment removal are typically done using oxyfuel, carbon arc gouging, or traditional plasma cutting tools. New flush cutting capabilities of Powermax® plasma systems now offer a more efficient process for these operations. Patented FlushCut™ […]

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Miller offers ArcReach Technology to help you improve productivity, profitability and safety. With ArcReach, operators can make adjustments at the weld joint using the wire feeder or the remote without the need for a control cord, so they don’t have to walk to the power source to make changes. Eliminating these trips improves jobsite productivity and […]

After 40 years working devotedly as a Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Keen Compressed Gas Co., Will Keen, a resident of Wilmington, is set to retire on December 31, 2017. Will Keen, 80, started his welding and gas career in March 1968 at Keen Welding in Salisbury, MD. In March of 1978, Will […]

Miller Fusion 160

The NEW Miller Fusion 160 is here! The Miller Fusion 160 is a welder/generator that offers portability, versatility and weld quality. Easier to transport: The Fusion 160 welder/generator weighs 222 pounds. That’s up to 70 pounds less than similar machines, so moving the Fusion 160 is easier and faster. Less time is spent waiting and […]

Cut closer and grind less with the NEW 45-amp flush cutting process for Powermax® systems Hypertherm announces the launch of their new FlushCut consumables for the Powermax45 XP system and Duramax Lock torch. With the new 45-amp flush cutting process, attachments, fixtures and other protruding features/parts with thicknesses of 5/8″ and below (including the weld) […]

Clean Aluminum

Clean aluminum and stainless steel with the new SURFOX™ 205 and SURFOX MINI™ from Walter Surface Technologies. The SURFOX™ 205 is an industrial cleaning system great for everyday production use, while the SURFOX MINI™ is ideal for field or repair work. Compatible with stainless steel, aluminum and titanium Can be used for electrochemical cleaning of stainless […]

Stewart Peck of JN Peck has United Drilling take on a vertical pipe cutting demo with the Exact 360E, and it wasn’t that hard! The PipeCut 360E System is the largest universal pipe saw from Exact. This saw cuts steel, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, multi-layered materials and all plastics. The PipeCut 360E includes […]

Improve productivity while lowering costs and increasing safety with the Hypertherm Freedom 38 PPA. The Hypertherm Freedom 38 PPA is an engine-driven, fully self-contained plasma system designed for cutting and gouging work in remote locations. The unit combines a Powermax 125 plasma system with a 38 kilowatt generator and air compressor. Improve Productivity Finish jobs […]

Mike Helwich from Exact demos the PipeCut 280E System at Fab-Crete. Watch this video to see this pipe cutting system cut 7/16″ thick, 8″ diameter pipe in just over a minute! Just let the saw do the work! Start cutting pipe more effectively with the powerful PipeCut 280E. This saw is ideal for cutting pipes due […]

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Keen is a proud distributor of the Metabo professional power tools. Last week, Keen Account Managers attended a sales meeting to learn more about and demo new Metabo products. Joe, Account Manager for Lower Bucks and Montgomery Counties,  demos the 7″ Electronic Brake Angle Grinder (WEPB 19-180 Quick RT DS) from Metabo. Also shown was […]

Helium is extremely valuable and important. Demand has been on the rise since 2009, however it is difficult to obtain. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist